We love sharing stories.  Whether they are own our or from other people, storytelling is a way to connect, relate, empathize and motivate ourselves to keep growing.  We'll be releasing TPM Bonus episodes where we use that time to share the stories of other fellow oil enthusiasts where you can learn about their personal triumphs, struggles, and inspirations.  You'll find them on our main podcast page, but if you are interested these stories specifically, we've gathered our bonus episodes for you here.



If you have listened to our show, you know that we are both essential oil lovers, each in our own way.  We're not here to tell you they're magic, but we do believe they are great tools to help you simplify, be well, and flow with what life has to offer.   In addition to our amazing podcast community of budding minimalists, adventurers, and on-purpose life livers, we are part of a wonderful, supportive group of like-minded peeps who love these tools as much as we do.  Here you'll find support, inspiration, ideas, recipes, financial opportunity, and a creative outlet.  Questions?  Feel free to reach out.  Ready to join us? Click on the button below to get started. 



We believe in keeping things simple.  We are The Practical Minimalists after all!  We believe simplicity equals freedom.  We love using oils to simplify everything from cleaning our homes to connecting with others.



Wellness has a different definition for everyone, am I right?  We love using oils as tools to improve our wellness in body, mind and spirit and we'd love to show you how.



If you listened to our podcast, you know we are all about the flow over here.  We believe that alignment before action is a more powerful and peaceful way to live and oils are one of the ways we have found that help us find that alignment.  Not making sense?  Feel free to reach out and stay tuned for TPM Bonus Episodes!