Welcome to the Practical Minimalists.  We host a podcast where we discuss intentional living and what it means to have freedom with less.  We are also a community, so feel free to connect with us on social media! Wishing you peace, wonder, and joy....and the freedom that comes with less.

TPM - Episode #2 - Where do I Start?

TPM - Episode #2 - Where do I Start?

Hi friends!  In this episode, Eryn and I deconstruct some of our own misconceptions around minimalism and discuss what leads some of us to become intimidated by it or think, "that's not me."  We also give some practical tips for getting started on your own journey.  Additionally, we introduce some new segments to the show which we are pretty pumped about: Wins and Challenges and Recommendations.  Yes, we still watch TV and eat candy sometimes! 

This episode is perfect for you if you are curious about minimalism but aren't sure where to start, interested in our own stumbling blocks and misconceptions, or are interested in what we've been reading, watching, doing, eating,etc.  Enjoy! 

Wishing you peace, wonder and joy....and the freedom that comes with less.

Show Notes

Courtney Carver - Project 333

The Minimalists

Deep Work

Big Magic

Stranger Things

Colin Wright

Dawson's Creek