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TPM - Episode #5 - Relationships

TPM - Episode #5 - Relationships

Relationships.  They can be a big part of what makes life worth living, but they're not always easy.  Do you think you may need to set some boundaries, but you don't know how?  Maybe you find yourself getting too entangled in the lives of other people.  Do you find that you have tons of surface level relationships out of convenience or circumstance but struggle to make intentional, deep connections?  Maybe you are a loner and have trouble letting people in.  Do you need to let go of a relationship?  If any of these questions strike a chord with you this episode is for you.  No matter how you relate to people, relationships are tricky but they are key to our existence and happiness.  Join us as we dive deep into the topic of relationships.  Even if you aren't into this minimalism thing, we think everyone could get something out of this episode.  Because after all...relationships are a big part of what makes the world go round.


Show Notes

Brooke Castillo - Boundaries

Flight Behavior

Rachel Held Evans

Strange Situation Experiment

Internal Alignment Vs External Expectation

Alchemy (for Eyelash Extensions - Boulder, CO)

MBS CrossFit

Sweet Ritual

Thai Fresh

Petal Lip Sheer

Marie Kondo



TPM - Episode #6 - Sentimental Stuff

TPM - Episode #6 - Sentimental Stuff

TPM - Episode #4 - Social Engagements

TPM - Episode #4 - Social Engagements