Welcome to the Practical Minimalists.  We host a podcast where we discuss intentional living and what it means to have freedom with less.  We are also a community, so feel free to connect with us on social media! Wishing you peace, wonder, and joy....and the freedom that comes with less.



Hello! We are so excited to announce the launch of The Practical Minimalists; a podcast where two moms discuss intentional living and what it means to be more with less.  Eryn and I have created this website, podcast, and community of people seeking practical ways they can implement concepts of minimalism into their everyday lives.  

I don't know about you, but I didn't even know what minimalism was the first time I heard the world.  Then, when I started looking into it, I found it intimidating and honestly....impossible.  People that were living this lifestyle seemed to be traveling the world with nothing but a backpack, living in a tiny house, or only owning 25 things. 

That wasn't me.

But I still found myself envying these people and, ironically, wanting what they had.  Then, I realized that implementing these values doesn't necessarily mean that you have to sell all your possessions and live in a hut.  

It means living intentionally.

It means only bringing things, activities, and people into your life that add value and bring you joy.

And that can look different for everyone.

So although most of the voices within the minimalist community would agree with me, we wanted to share our own spin on minimalism and tell you how it's impacted our lives.  Have you been curious about minimalism or felt a desire to downsize, but felt a little intimidated by the whole process?

If that's you, welcome.  Let's hug.  Let's talk.  We hope that our words, podcast, and community will speak to you.  We hope to share practical ways you can start to minimize and start to experience the freedom that comes with less.

With peace, wonder, and joy

Heather and Eryn

Freedom with Less

Freedom with Less