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4 Ways Minimalism Can Help You Find More Joy in Parenthood

4 Ways Minimalism Can Help You Find More Joy in Parenthood

Over the last month, the questions have been pouring in and one of the most common questions we've seen is related to maintaining a minimalist lifestyle or minimalist values when you have kids.  Having kids can add extra layers to the desire to simplify, declutter, and only bring things into your life that add value or bring you joy.   In Thursday's episode we will tackle some of these tough questions.

There is another set of listeners who are in another camp.  They are the ones who are unaware of how simplifying and drastically reducing the amount of stuff our kids have could even have the potential to drastically change our parenthood experience for the better.  Parenting is hard.  We all have our own battles, struggles, and mountains to climb.  However, I have come to believe that living an intentional life when it comes to our kid's stuff can made our next steps more clear in our personal struggles and color our entire experience of parenthood with so much more peace, joy and fulfillment.  


Here's how.


It Breeds Creativity

Have you ever noticed how when kids are in a wide open spaces they immediate start running around, dancing, laughing, or playing?  When you have less stuff, it's easier for kids to create their own games, process things at their own rate, and enjoy running and playing.  If kids aren't overwhelmed with choices, it's easier for them to make up a game or create a piece of art.  

More Time

Do you begrudge laundry?  Do you feel overwhelmed picking up the house, just to make it look presentable?  Do you feel like you're constantly keeping up, resenting your kids, exhausted, and feeling bad because this experience is not as magical for you as it seems to be fore everyone else?  I'm not saying that getting rid of your stuff will solve everything, but I do know that the fewer toys that are spilling over the 10 bins in your playroom, the less time you have to spend cleaning them up or, at least, having the mess bother you.  It's amazing how much time we spend cleaning up and even just thinking about cleaning up.  By clearing out our physical space we free up time spent keeping up and time spent stressing out.  

More Freedom

We talk about freedom with less constantly.  It's our anthem hashtag.  What does this mean in the case of kids and their stuff.  To us it means freedom to go out and do what it is that we value as a family.  When we aren't spending time cleaning up, thinking about he next thing our kid "needs", battling over toys, and stressing out over the mess, a whole world of possibilities can open.  We can have the freedom to do what we really want to do as a family, love our kids more freely and actually enjoy parenthood.


More energy to focus on what matters

At one point in my life I spent more energy focusing on how tired, frustrated, and sad I was as a mom.  I was depleted.  It seems that there's a shift in the blogosphere encouraging moms to ban together over how much motherhood sucks.  While I think it's great that we're navigating towards being more honest about how motherhood can be sometimes, especially in light of social media highlights, I don't think that motherhood has to suck. I believe that embracing a more intentional life by pairing down our thoughts, possessions and calendars is directly related to experiencing more joy in parenthood.  When we spend less time keeping up with stuff and obligations we have more energy to focus on what we really want.


If any of this sounds inspiring or interesting to you, pop in your headphones and listen to us Thursday as we chat about kids and minimalism.  Wishing you peace, wonder and joy...and the freedom that comes with less.  #freedomwithless

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