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A Clean, Green, Home One Step at a Time:  Step 1 - Ditch the Candles!

A Clean, Green, Home One Step at a Time: Step 1 - Ditch the Candles!

This time of year, many of you are headed out to purchase those little short, fat waxy things from your favorite candle stores in hopes that the scents will bring you joy this Holiday Season.  I know it's so tempting to want to have those pumpkin spice, ginger cookie, or spruce and sea salt smelling goodies burning around this time of year (really, we get it- not here to judge- we've had our own candle-love in the past)!   


However, recently, as we learned on Laura Adler's Episode (Part 3 in our Green Living Series), candles actually add a lot more to our home that may not bring us much joy in the long run.  Check out her episode to learn more, or check out this interesting article here.   According to Laura, our friendly environmental toxins expert, candles and air fresheners usually contain enochrine-disrupting compounds (the stuff called phthalates that make the smells strong and lasting).  This means that most of the smell-good things we bring home from the store this time of year are more harmful to us than good.    


But what about all the good smells!!!  I, too, want my home to smell like a cinnamon roll this time of year ;)  If you know us, you know that we are no Fear Mongers, and we never would wish more overwhelm- especially this time of year.  


So we have some exciting news!


We have found a company we align with and believe in and we can help you get started with all-natural, beyond-organic scents in the form of essential oils.  Essential Oils are non-toxic and healthy alternatives to candles and sprays.  And bonus: anyone who purchases a Premium Starter Kit (11 oils plus a diffuser, which disperses them throughout the room to never need air fresheners or candles again!) will help support the show by purchasing through this link.


And not only will we send you a Thank-you gift for supporting us, you will also get access to our online wellness community resources, The Minimoilists, as well as the ability to get anything else you may want in the future at a 24% discount!


Spruce + Orange Diffuser Blend:

+  5 Drops Northern Lights Black Spruce

+  2 Drops Lemon

+  2 Drops Orange


Cinnamon Cookie Blend:

+  3 Drops Stress Away

+  4 Drops Thieves 


Chai Holiday Blend:

+  4 drops Theives

+  4 drops Frankincense 


Peppermint Patty Blend:

+  5 drops Peppermint

+  3 drops Stress Away 


Eucalyptus Mint Blend:

+  5 drops Peppermint

+  4 drops RC


Pumpkin Spice Blend:

+  2 drops Cinnamon

+  2 drops Clove

+  1 drop Nutmeg

+  1 drop Ginger

+  2 drops Orange


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