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5 Tips on Home Styling from The Practical Minimalists

5 Tips on Home Styling from The Practical Minimalists

We loved talking style on this week's episode and we wanted to offer some additional and supplemental tips for you guys on minimalism + home design.  Here are some of Eryn's top tips and tricks on intentional home design: 

1. Good Design is Minimal and feels more like less than more. 

Really good design takes advantage of negative space.  Have bare spots on the wall- great!  That will lead your eye to those pieces that you really, really love and create less clutter on the walls and the floor. 


2. Try a Capsule Home Style, or as The Nester puts it, "Quieting a Room". 

On Episode 34, Eryn talks about how she takes at least half the items from  a room and puts them in storage or the attic.  This can be kept or given away but it can be fun to have "seasons" for a room, similar to a capsule wardrobe.  Doesn't have to be corresponding to the actual seasons, but as you feel fit.  If the desire for change comes along- go shopping in your decor you have stored!  Want to read more about quieting a room?  Check out The Nester's Book, The Nesting Place.  It's so good! 

3.  Rule of Three. 

This is a common design/style term- just a reminder that odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye.  After you subtract from your room/s, try playing with non-symmetry but balance.  We've attached a few pictures to give you some ideas.  You don't have to center everything- even though your brain may want to ;)

4.  Pick a Color! 

Whatever your favorite color to decorate with, I like white, but any accent color that your loving and "carry" that color throughout the room.  A cohesive design carries your eye throughout the whole room effortlessly.  This can actually be done by strategically placing a few things of the same color spaced throughout a room.  Check out these before and afters of Heather's kitchen.  Notice how the white here carries you throughout Heather's whole space.



4.  Decide on your style, discover yourself and what you like! 

Sometimes this is avery introspective personal journey.  It's much easier to make a cohesive, simple home style with knowing what kind of style and designs you like vs. just liking/ not liking individual items and trying to fit those in your home.  A great resource we didn't mention on the show was this book: Styled to help you find your style!

And thoughtful design doesn't have to be all white and 2 pieces of furniture!  Check out this gorgeous space from our friend Miranda Anderson!  What did you think of the episode?  What are some of your favorite tips and tricks when it comes to the world of design?  Where do you struggle?

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