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A Clean, Green Home One Step at a Time: Step 2 - Toss the Plastics

A Clean, Green Home One Step at a Time: Step 2 - Toss the Plastics

This is part two of a series we are doing on A Clean, Green Home.  Part One on ditching the candles, plug-ins, and synthetic fragrances here.

This blog series was inspired by Our Clean Green Podcast series with guests Clean MamaCody Lillstrom, and Environmental Toxins Nerd, Lara Adler.  Each of these guests knew so much about how to live with less toxic chemicals, pollution, environmental toxins, etc.  Check out their individual episodes to learn more!


Freedom in the area of your health and the wellbeing of those you love is what we all strive for.  If you live intentionally, at some point, you begin to take strides towards a better environment in your home.  You may have heard Cody talk about the plastic "island" in the pacific ocean or Lara talk about how plastics leach out when they get heated, scratched, oily, or in contact with acidic foods (read: every use for them in the kitchen!).  We want to inform you if you want to lead a more green, clean life, yet, we know that each step along the way can create more "mental clutter".  You may be taking baby steps or giant leaps to green-ify your home- either way, we are here for you!


This post is all about getting the plastics out.  Let me (Eryn) just say personally, that the day I said "By-eee" to all my tiny plastic storage containers and plastic kid-lunch-ware, I truly felt a giant burden lift off my shoulders!  I had no idea how much stress all that was causing me- unrelated to the physical stress the leaching plastic molecules were causing on our bodies.  I was not thinking of my endocrine system; I just despised matching the lids up all the time and trying to find a place to store them!


We've been a low-plastic kitchen for at least a year now, and I can't say I really find myself missing them.  So I'm sharing my favorite alternatives today for plastics in the kitchen!


1.  Plastic wrap. 

Bee's Wrap (can be purchased here from Art of Simple online) is amazing.  It's is made simply, from organic cotton, bees wax, and jojoba oil and acts just like plastic wrap for bowls, casserole dishes, leftovers, sandwiches, etc.  It molds with the warmth of your hands, and then sets in the refrigerator and seals really well.  Best part is that it is environmentally friendly and lasts at LEAST a year!  They come in several sizes too.  I like using the bread size for 9 x 13 pans since I like baking my dinners more than cooking them ;)


2.  Plastic Storage Containers

These were once the bane of my existence!  Mostly, we used them for lunches, but occasionally I would store leftovers in them.  If you are looking for some kid lunch-packing alternative, food storage, or if you meal-prep like Heather does, then here are some suggestions we like.  Laura Adler suggested silicone lids with glass because even "BPA-Free" doesn't really mean anything, as we learned on the show!

+  Mason or Ball Jars- cheap and you usually can save your glass jars with metal lids from the store!

+  Glass storage containers comparable to the ziplock or tupperwear sizes: I use these from Amazon, and you can also check out these

from Anchor Hocking with airtight silicone lids.

+  The Planet Lunch box- a one-piece lunch box that massively reduces the waste you product in your home and also is stainless steel!


3.  Water bottles. 

We all have our fav water bottle.  But making the simple switch from plastic ones to glass or stainless steel is a simple, easy change. Our kids use ones that are stainless steel that we purchased form Whole Foods two years ago.  When we go on outings (or back when the kids went to school) water is their drink of choice (well really my drink of choice for them- but they seem to love it too :).  So instead of buying tons of plastic water bottles (which, again, leads to the waste problem and the toxins problem) I just send them along with their stainless steel water bottle.

So there you have it!  Three ways you can remove some plastics from your kitchen and take small steps or giant leaps toward a cleaner home.

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