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Capsule Wardrobes for Dummies

Capsule Wardrobes for Dummies

Hi guys! A fashion blogger I’m not, but I do like looking my best, dressing with ease + joy, and saving money. Oh you do too? Well, listen up as I share my method for creating a fun + easy capsule wardrobe and it doesn’t involve sticking to a certain number of items or buying anything at all! I’ve tried all sorts of templates for capsule wardrobes and using my past experiences and lessons learned I came up with a way that really works for me. We’re in that weird time of year where it’s noooot quite fall weather yet, but it’s teasing us! You need both shorts AND sweaters. And layers. I noticed my closet was becoming a little overwhelming and I wanted to enjoy getting dressed in the morning with ease. I was also thinking that there were gaps in my wardrobe (spoiler alert: there wasn’t) so before I went out and bought anything I went back to the basics. Here’s what I did to create my summer —-> fall capsule.

1) Chose the clothing you love and/or wear often

This was actually the hardest step for me because I’ve gotten a lot better at only keeping clothes that I love in my closet. It’s hard because I get FOMO when I start to realize that the super cute + comfy pants I just bought may not fit into my style grid. But once I put those feelings aside, I was able to gather a fun pile to get things going.

2) Organize the selected clothing in categories

Next was just a practical step. I found it very helpful to organize the clothing I selected into functional categories. My categories were: pants/bottoms, scarves, tops, dresses, jackets. Completing this step made the next part SO much fun!

3) Decide on the number of “looks” or outfits you want

This one is important…follow me here. I didn’t pick an arbitrary number…I saw another fashion blogger use a style grid in a set of 9 outfits/look. So I thought that seems easy enough. I bet I could do 3 grids with 9 photos/looks in each grid. If I did that, I would have 27 outfits which is PLENTY for a few months!

4) Select one piece of clothing and stye in 3 ways

The thought of putting together 27 outfits sounded overwhelming to me at first, but when I broke it down by 3s it was actually really fun. Here’s what I mean. For each row on the grid I decided it would take 1 piece and style it 3 ways. You could go a million different directions in terms of how to style each piece, but I decided to go practical and think in terms of temperature. So for the most part I styled each piece from warm —> crisp —> cool. Make sense?

All in all I ended up with about 24 total pieces which is crazy to me because I wasn’t thinking about the number of pieces at all. The only things I was considering were the weather, the pieces I wanted to style and the number of looks I wanted to put together. This is the smallest capsule wardrobe I have ever had! And just for fun; here are my grids so you’ll have a visual example. What do you think? Does this make sense? What capsule or capsule-is wardrobes work for you?

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