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My Experience with The 10 X 10 Fashion Challenge

My Experience with The 10 X 10 Fashion Challenge

Depending on how you curate your social media feeds, you may have heard people talking about the 10 X 10 Fashion challenge.  If not, here’s a quick overview:

10 pieces of clothing

10 days

Undies, workout clothes, and PJs don’t count 

Designed to help facilitate fun + freedom

This challenge was created and is facilitated by Lee Vosburgh of The Style Bee and later Caroline Rector of Un-Fancy.com started co-facilitating the challenge online.  Lee started the challenge for herself back in 2015 during a 30 day shopping fast in order to get more creative with her clothing.  

I (Heather) had two main motivators for jumping on the bandwagon:

Weight Loss

If you’ve followed along with the TPM podcast, you know that over the last year I’ve lost about 25 lbs which is just enough for different clothing sizes depending on the piece.  I started to feel myself having thoughts like 


Everything look terrible on me.

I have nothing to wear.

I didn’t like the scarcity mentality I saw creeping in to my psyche, and while I have nothing against buying new things when you genuinely want and need them, the thought of replacing my entire wardrobe started to feel overwhelming.  Jumping into this challenge felt like perfect timing as I shifted my focus to abundance and stopped thinking that I had to replace my wardrobe in one swoop.


We talk a lot a about freedom on the show and it’s so interesting how freedom can take different shapes for different people.  Also I’ve noticed that what felt like freedom to me in one season can feel like a trap in another.  It’s all about self awareness.  Although I’ve found myself shifting away from capsule wardrobes when I started to feel less free and more constricted, I found myself drawn to this challenge to free myself from a scarcity mindset.  Make sense?  

Closing Thoughts….

The 10 X 10 challenge was a perfect reset for me in these areas.  I was able to use these last 10 days to focus on abundance.  I realized I have plenty to wear that will fit and flatter and that I don’t have to replace my wardrobe all at once.  I actually found myself being more creative with the looks I put together.  Sometimes creativity is easier and more fun when our choices are restricted.  And lastly, I definitely felt a sense of freedom in that and in not having to think about what to wear each day.  

If any of that sounds appealing to you, I’d encourage you to try it!  Or, if you just aren’t sure about this whole capsule wardrobe thing but are intrigued, it’s a great way to dip your toe in the water.  We’d love to hear from you!  Have you tried this?  What was your experience like? 

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