We are the Practical Minimalists

Well hello there!  Our names are Eryn and Heather.  We live in Seaside, FL and Boulder, CO respectively.  We have families.  We have kids.  We believed there was a missing space out there for people living a conventional lifestyle who are looking to live a more intentional life by getting rid of the excess.  Maybe you are someone who thinks the minimalist life is intriguing, and you'd like to simplify. But you don't want to move into a tiny home to do so.  If that sounds like you, head on over to our podcast and check us out!  Or if you just want to hear two mom's opinions, adventures and missteps in everything from capsule wardrobes to personal development, you're in for a potential binge-listen.  Wishing you peace, wonder, and joy...and the freedom that comes with less.